A Day with Equine Dentist, Debra

Doctor Deb came out to check all the Minis teeth and Shawnee’s. They all needed floating. Doc Deb uses a float which is a file that will remove the sharp hooks in their back teeth.

Mary was the best behaved. I do believe it was because Joseph was supporting her on one side and Gary aka Papa or Dad was supporting her on the other side.

Shawnee got a little aggressive, but Doc Deb let her know she was in charge.

Same with Patty. Doc Deb had to be Bossmare. Sometimes you just have to become a member of the herd.

All the others did fine. It’s scary when someone they do not know comes up with a big silver stick and wants to put it in their mouths. As prey animals their response is flight.

Doctor Deb tries not to use medication to calm the horses.

Dr. Debra Freiberg
Healing Hands Equine
“Healing with Heart and Horsemanship”